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Bernie Williams, myDNAhealth

Who we are

myDNAhealth is an award winning genetic testing company who continually researches genes/SNPs and develops DNA test panels and science-based nutrigenomic supplements for nutritional practitioners and healthcare professionals. 

We know through our own experience that having access to reliable and relevant SNP results is essential in order to make the right recommendations for patients. So when we formed our company, the primary driver was to research, analyse and interpret all the right SNP data in order to build a clearer picture about an individual’s genetic health and the nutritional and lifestyle modifications required for gene expression and healthier living.

Our approach: SNPs + questionnaires = epigenetics

myDNAhealth's unique approach is revolutionising personalised nutrition by combining genetic testing with clinical questionnaires which highlights epigenetic weaknesses before they become illnesses. This has enabled nutritional therapists to unlock the code to their patients’ healthy living.  Genetic testing sets the scene for future health issues but it’s the environmental factors which makes the difference.

Practitioner Portal

Practitioners log in to a user-friendly secure portal to view their patients results and access educational and technical resources. This has been made possible by using cutting edge technology and the latest genetic research to bring this unique service to practitioners.

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