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Bev Mead at Simply For Women

Are the women in your organisation giving away their power and influence without even realising it?

Empower The Women In Your Organisation

Over two workshops delegates will learn about the fifteen ways women give away their power and influence without realising it and how to stop.

This programme suits women of any level who want to:

make more of an impact in the workplace 
ensure their ideas and opinions to be taken more seriously
be heard when they speak
articulate what they need
kick any self-doubt they have into touch
expand their comfort zones
build a stronger inner self-belief
embrace positivity with a clear and simple strategy
Influence the direction of their work and personal life with greater clarity
own their space and make clearer personal boundaries


It is important to us that you know that this programme is pro women not anti-men. Although we believe there is a place for female centred training right now, we do not believe that segregating women from men or creating a gap between the two sexes is the answer. Instead, we believe that women and men should work alongside each other, respecting and honouring each other’s talents and views.
Our workshops remind women to speak up, to find their voice, to nurture their power and come to realise just how much influence they have on their careers, their families and those around them.

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