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Bianca Chappell BA-Hons T.L.L.S

HI lovely I'm Bianca Chappell & I'm an NLP Life & Business Coach, who specialises in Mindset Rebooting, Accountability, Empowerment & Confidence for Mums, Mumpreneurs & Fempreneurs.

I am not only deeply passionate about supporting women in business, but also the emotional well-being of mums & women too. There is a huge forgotten population of women who are desperately trying to find the balance, & separate themselves between their, mummy, personal & professional persona. As well as their dreams & desires, & that is exactly the type of women I dedicate my time to.

My M|MK Coaching programmes & workshops, are designed to guide both Mums & Mumpreneurs, in becoming more aware of who they are, connecting with what they know, & how they function. Coaching empowers others, & I am thrilled to be able to offer NLP based Clarity Coaching. That aims to ensure both Mums & Mumpreneurs, are equipped with the tools they need to develop, personally, emotionally, professionally & practically on their journey of Mum to Mumpreneur, & thorough out their adventure of Motherhood.

My personable, creative, fun, fresh, relaxed, productive & mum friendly approach to Coaching, is delivered through one to one sessions over the phone, all with the aim of unlocking the tools for you to be more effective & ultimately a more productive & fulfilled you!

I believe Coaching is a confidential union between the Coach & their Client, as a Coach I respect that, & will continually give the power back to you. Ultimately you have the answers to all your questions, challenges, barriers, & limiting beliefs in your life. Even if the answers appear to be cloudy, obscured or hidden away. Its my job as your Coach, to support you to demystify those cloudy moments, & guide you on a journey of enlightenment, confidence, fulfilment & clarity. Leaving you feeling empowered, inspired & fabulous!

As an NLP Life & Business Coach, I'm not a substitute for a Business Adviser, Therapist or Councillor. I am simply a well seasoned & accomplished Mum & Mumpreneur, who has dedicated time to understanding the techniques of coaching, & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P). Along with a Joint Honours BA Degree, & T.L.S qualification, (Teacher of the Life Long Learning Sector). I'm well equipped to support you on a journey of development & fulfilment.
The M|MK Coaching sessions are delivered over the phone or via virtual call, arranged at convenient times, for my both UK national & international clients.

I offer all prospective clients a 30 minute, no obligation complimentary, 'Discovery Call'. Where together we can connect, to find our more about each other, establish your support areas, and design your tailored M|MK Clarity Coaching time line, for you to consider should you wish to work with me thereafter.

I understands that as women, mothers & entrepreneurs, we often forget to water our own development & emotional garden, but always find the time, effort & enegy to water others. Take the first step on your personal development journey, by connecting with M|MK Coaching & booking a discovery call, because together we will work towards a happier & more fulfilled you.


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