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Why buy Bitcoin when you can own the means of production?


  • Financial promotion approved by an FCA regulated firm Envestors
  • £Sterling in, £Sterling out
  • Full Due diligence by CMS/Nabarro
  • Auditors - Kingston Smith
  • You can track your investment in real-time by web or mobile app


We are building the largest Bitcoin mine inthe UK.  The first 100% shareholder owned, limited company whose sole purpose is to mine Bitcoin. Designed, built and run in the UK. Sterling investment into the company and Sterling rewards paid when the company sells its assets (hardware and Bitcoins) in 2-3 years time.

The crypto-currency Bitcoin, drives the value of the investment.

We have teamed up with Envestry for our capital raise.

The Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mine Ltd is the company’s third iteration of mining for cryptocurrencies, and the first where Bladetec is offering its services as a bitcoin mining management company.

The company is raising up to £10m equity. The number of shares sold (£1.00/share par value), at a minimum investment of £5,000 per investor, will determine the value of the company. The funds raised will be used to purchase the hardware and fund the electrity, site and admin costs. Unlike a traditional company there will be no overheads for marketing, sales and other functional costs.

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