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Bradford Literary Circle

The Bradford Literary Circle was formed in October 2015, a grassroots community initiative, with an intention of inculcating an appreciation of the written word. Whatever is written, preserved and beneficial is what is welcomed. The initiative launched a book club that runs every six weeks at the heart of Bradford. All are welcome to share, explore and learn from one another's perspectives of the different genres and themes under discussion from the many authors we have been privileged to read and digest.

The Bradford Literary Circle welcomes a second initiative to the current project in the form of the pop up 'spoken word' events which are preceded by a tour brought to us in the form of The Rabbani Projects The Salam Cafe: A Story of the Beloved Peace and blessing be upon him, and are delighted to announce this on the first day of the blessed first spring of the year, Rabbi ul Awwal the month in which the story of the Beloved began on this earth.

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