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Several years ago when BrainCanDo was started we began to understand that learning about the brain and mindset is critical to improving learning and to making things happen. We wanted to know how do people eat breakfast, how

do we feel tickles, how do we ride bicycles? Which bits of brain are involved? What do they do when we get it right? And what happens when we get it wrong? Can we maximize our thinking patterns to think along more positive and constructive lines? By learning about how we get these processes wrong, we can be active about making them right.

We constructed a ‘toolkit’ to help us to understand the things we do through learning, in everyday life. With the help of some neuroscientists, we were able to describe how memory works, how stress can be used to aid performance, and how improved understanding of our brains can help us to improve performance and to lead happier and more successful lives. We talked to our new scientist friends about learning and development. In turn, they invited us to take part in a number of psychological experiments which helped them to better understand these processes.

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