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Brave Women Network

Brave Women Network:

Founder Salome Rodrigues , who gave her life to Christ in 2013, began to share her brave story with the world. Having overcome Abuse, Sex Industry and a Domestic Violent Relationship, which led her to create Pyschological self-development empowerment programme and courses for women who have experienced rape,sex idunstry, abuse, addictions, mental health.

Brave Women Network is for young girls and Women to explore bravery to lead to a more confident couragous leader in her life,relationships, work and more. Foundations to EMPOWER, to be Brave & EMBRACE their Purpose.

One Year ago today in October, Brave Women launched and began working in the heart of Hackney with Southern Housing Residents on the 8 week programme and when the programme was finished, the residents shared their intrest to continue the amazing sisterhood group so brave women community project was created to help local women meet for coffee every wednesday to chat and share brave stories and share skills when the empowerment programmes and workshops are not on.

'Your life has purpose' 'You matter' 'Your brave story'

'Don't be ashamed of your brave story, because it will inspire others. Your story is covered with Gold and so are you, waiting to be shine and be heard.'

'BE Brave & Be You'

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