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Breaking Strain Events

At Breaking Strain we know what you've gone through to get to that start line.

We've done the rain and the snow and the Christmas Day training sessions. We've done the hill runs and tyre dragging and the dune sprints in soft sand until you're bent double retching. We've done late night sessions when there's no-one else in the gym but we've done it because we know our competition isn't out on the beers. They're smashing those squats, pulling those prowlers, running the trails in the dark and the mud.

We get it. We've got the T-shirts to prove it.

We're not world class athletes, we're not PhD-qualified sports gurus, we’re not as young as we used to be (with hairlines to prove it). But what we DO have to offer is the benefit of years of experience in race management, charity fundraising, expedition planning and logistical support for some gnarly challenges. We've also taken part in some amazing ultra-marathons in sub-zero temperatures across the globe so we know just how far you can push your body until it breaks and the mind has to take over.

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