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Bridge the Gap Child Mental Health Ltd

'Supporting Children and Young People's Mental Health'

'Bridge the Gap' is a non profit social enterprise committed to supporting the mental health of children, parents and teachers.

Bridge the Gap delivers training, workshops and 1:1 support to schools, parents and children that supports mental health in a proactive way, reducing the need for secondary mental health services.Bridge the Gap Child Mental Health has a team with backgrounds in child development and mental health services; many of the community mental health practitioners still also work within the NHS.The aim is to help parents and schools develop practical strategies to support every child's emotional development, well-being and mental health. Bridge the Gap empower people with knowledge that enables them to support mental health in a proactive way.Emotional Literacy and Positive Relationships underpins everything that is done at Bridge the Gap.

Delivering many different services under their community umbrella, please do have a look at the website for more information on these.Please see our website and Eventbrite page for details of events.

‘The support and relationship focused training courses developed by Bridge the Gap help parents and teachers to meet children where they are and not where we expect them to be - they also help support children to grow and develop their emotional intelligence.’

The time for change is now.


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