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BRiGHTBLACK Productions

BRiGHTBLACK Productions is the company of Simon Wilkinson and Myra Appannah. Their immersive and virtual reality shows have featured at Tate Modern, toured to 30+ countries across 6 continents in the past 5 years and, in 2018, they created two of the largest VR based mixed reality shows in the UK: SOMNAI and Whilst The Rest Were Sleeping.

They are the creators of the Immersive StoryLab course which has been touring the world since 2018, sharing critical thinking, practical knowledge and design approaches to creating stories for immersive tech.

They curate festivals of video game based artworks and experiences, undertake commissions  across a range of technologies and media and delivery production & consultation for brands, creative agencies and organisations in immersive tech and playful media.

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