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Brighton and Hove Fairtrade & Zaytoun CiC

Zaytoun CIC – ‘A story of Change’

 For Farmers is Palestine the narrative of Trade Justice and empowerment is no small thing. In the case of Zaytoun and Fair Trade the story of empowerment and the initiative set out to support and empower the marginalized farming communities remains constant, profound and real. In the midst of a constant conflict, isolation, threatened livelihood and the systematic destruction of identity has come a story that has enabled farmers throughout the West Bank to be able to Trade and connect to build and protect. A story that has truly began to connect Palestine to Fairtrade markets and consumers throughout the UK. For Palestine this is a story of Change. 


Since starting as a volunteer initiative in 2004

  • Zaytoun CIC has expanded opportunities for famers, Women producers Co-op and communities to trade fairly throughout the UK and reach new markets. 
  • Has developed numerous cross cultural exchanges and tours for Palestine producers to speak in the UK and for UK consumers to visit Palestine
  • Through Fairtrade networks it has increased the income for over 2500 farming families and distributed over 200 tones of Fairtrade Olive oil.
  • Reduced political and social isolation of Palestinian famers communities and connected diverse religious and non-religious Solidarity groups to the reality of life under Occupation.
  • Created a nationwide consumer led demand for authentic artisan products and pride in Palestinian heritage and become importers of the world first fairtrade olive oil!   

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