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Brilliance Academy

Emerging Brilliance is an innovative and impactful business and personal development
training company with a key focus “to help people tap into their Unique Brilliance.”
With a key focus “to help people tap into their Unique Brilliance” and this dedicated focus
helps our clients to explore, expand and evolve into their Brilliance - creating a flow of
positive energy, a vision to do more and to develop a more powerful mindset to name a few
key outcomes leading to more successful results both personally and professionally.

We are passionate with empowering and making a positive difference in people and our
philosophy will ensure we provide Shree Venkatesh Films (SVF) with the tools and
techniques to achieve their desired goals and address the current skills gap within their
We provide innovative and creative training methods and solutions to achieve our client’s
goals. An experiential learning environment is created using the Mind Empowering
Technology (MET) training method, which uses a variety of different techniques and tools.

Emerging Brilliance is the number one company in Asia optimising MET training methods - “learning by doing.”

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