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Bring Your Baby Guided London Walks have been sensitively devised to suit parents and carers of even the tiniest babies to enjoy guided local history walks with their pram or sling.


Each walk has been planned so that you can stop whenever you like to feed and change - without the stress of feeling you are holding up the group. Because every participant brings their baby, patience and baby’s needs are at the forefront of each walk.


As a local historian and also a recent new mother, I noticed there was a real absence of activities for parents and carers to enjoy something stimulating for both brain and body while caring for baby.


The focus of these walks is enjoyment: gaining new local history knowledge and exploring the outdoors, while at the same time feeling unpressured when baby’s needs arise.


Everyone who comes along is welcome to stop as they need to comfort, feed and change. Either we can stop as a group, or you can use the map provided to rejoin us further along the route. There are many stops, and always lots to see and hear about, so it is always easy to catch up.


I will always add a pit-stop halfway through (such as a cafe or pub large enough to accommodate us) so that we can take a breather and meet baby’s needs at this time if it hasn’t been required earlier.


Adults £12; children go free.


As well as being a life-long London history nerd and mum to a 1 year-old, I have training in guiding walks and a background in Primary School teaching, so I am well-used to organising large groups of people! Apart from developing these walks I am also currently carrying out research about the borough of Hackney for the brilliant ‘Layers of London’ website, which aims to map historical events and places across an ever-increasing amount of navigatable historical London maps.

Lucy Madison, 2019




What kind of places will there be to feed or change my baby?

If we visit a park or green space, there are almost always plentiful benches or grassy spots depending on your level of comfort feeding or changing there. Walks are always during cafe opening hours, so park cafes are also an option, as are public changing facilities. As for walks which take in streets and buildings, I design the walks so that a suitable spot is only ever a couple of minutes away for us to get to or for you to pop off to and join us further along the route.


I’m worried I will lose you if I go off to feed my baby in private.

I always provide a map which marks each of the stops where I deliver walk content, so you can just retrace your steps and continue along the route until you catch up again.


Since having my baby I need to rest quite often. Will there be places to sit down?

I always try to arrange stops at points of interest along the route at places where there is a bench, wall or other suitable area to perch! This is not always possible, but it is something I consider when planning every walk - I had a Caesarian myself, and remember the need for respite!


I’m embarrassed to ask the group to slow down or stop when I need to use the loo / feed or change baby / have a rest.

NEVER feel embarrassed, guilty or stressed in asking the group to stop or slow down for any reason. You don’t need to give a reason. Simply make me aware and I’ll modify what we’re doing at the time to meet your needs.


How long are the walks?

Approximate distances and durations are indicated on each listing and I shall remind you when the walk starts. No walk is ever over 2 miles. Owing to the nature of these walks it may be we need more time to complete the walk if stoppages are needed.


I’m bringing my baby, but can I also bring my other children?

My walks are often a great learning opportunity for children, particularly if we visit green spaces with plenty of natural sensory elements. However, for safety reasons, I require all babies and children to be in baby carriers, prams, or buggies if we leave open spaces and have to walk alongside or cross busy roads. It is the responsible adult’s responsibility to ensure their children are safe. I have the right to refuse taking children who do not have a baby carrier, pram or buggy at hand. Every walk will state any rules, exceptions or potential hazards, but please make enquiries if you are not sure before booking.


Will I be able buy food along the way?

Packed food, drink and snacks are always recommended as we are being active and you may get hungry! However, snacks, tea and coffee etc. can usually be purchased at the place we stop at halfway for refreshment.


Can I come on your walk if I don’t bring children?

Unfortunately not. These walks have been designed to provide something unique for parents and carers of small children. Therefore I have to prioritise and cater for this group only. This does not mean there is a limit to the number of adults you can bring - mum, dad, childminder and granny all welcome as long as there is a child! All adults need to be paying ticket holders.


Will you be bringing your own baby? No, my focus has to be on you and the walk.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

That would be handy, but if you can’t, your booking confirmation on a smartphone or similar device will do.


What is the refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.


Will the walk be cancelled if it rains?

Walks go ahead rain or shine, so prepare accordingly. In exceptional circumstances such as very high winds or heavy snow the walk will be cancelled and a full refund provided.


The name on the registration/ticket doesn’t match the attendee. Is that okay?

Yes, no problem at all. I realise that others may be booking on your behalf.


I can’t make your date. Will you be repeating the walk?

I try to do one walk in the morning and afternoon of the same day. I will also repeat each walk, perhaps a few weeks later, so keep a lookout on Eventbrite. I’ll also be adding new walks each week as I write and devise them. These are currently on the list for the coming months:

Clissold Park


Lower Clapton

Stoke Newington High Street & Common


Stoke Newington Church Street


Newington Green

De Beauvoir Town

Upper Street, Islington

Abney Park Cemetery


Shacklewell Green

Dalston Lane

Hackney Central

Woodberry Wetlands & the Reservoirs



Where can I contact you with any questions?


Drop me a line at with the walk’s title in the header.


© Lucy Madison, ‘Bring Your Baby’ Guided London Walks, 2019


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