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British School of Rock Epsom

What we Do

We teach electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals and drums to ages 8-18.  Our classes are structured and disciplined with a maximum of five students to each specialist instructor. Thanks to our unique teaching method, there’s no sitting around waiting to play.

Each student is directly connected to the instructor by a mini-mixer. Not only can they hear themselves and their instructor, they can also choose to hear their friends.  After 45 minutes of intensive tuition everyone takes off their headphones, winds up the volume - and the band plays live through the main PA for the last 15 minutes!


Our Ethos

 We passionately believe that playing in a band not only teaches musical skills but also builds confidence and develops cooperation, negotiation and team-working. It’s an enjoyable way to gain vital life skills, make lasting friendships and discover a love of making music that will last a lifetime. 

You don't learn electric guitar, bass or drums to play them alone in your bedroom. British School of Rock combines expert tuition with the joy of actually playing in a band each week with your friends.


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