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Buddhists across Traditions

Buddhists across Traditions (UK) is a BPOC/BAME led collective (with white allies) hoping unite Buddhist and mindfulness groups in service of racial justice and social equity and healing in the UK. The group emerged as a heart call to action as a result of the unfolding of recent events heightening awareness of the racial, ethnic and social inequities endemic in our society. We feel that our practices can foster a radically different society to blossom.

Our longer term hope is to unite Buddhists and related groups around engaged and collective action across traditions and groups to bring collective justice and healing to our society in the UK around :

Call to action for white practitioners, and groups which are currently white-led, to join and collaborate in sharing resources and teachings and wisdom as look into and engage into addressing this individually and or within their groups.

Call to action for BPOC/BAME individuals and groups to share the knowledge wisdom across groups as they come together to heal and repair the impact of oppression and heal across the diverse body of “colour”

Call to Collective Action where we join across traditions and groups to bring collective justice and healing to the community we are living in. We recognise that racism relies on greed and class stratification, which is not only ravaging the poorest communities of colour but also rapidly destroying the planet. We hope to collaborate and share interest and energies in challenging and healing these intersecting areas of racial injustice.

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