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Budget Mastermind (Business Growth & Accelerate)

Budget Mastermind  is designed to empower ambitions SME and Starts Ups businesses to improve their cash flow into their businesses so they can achieve their highest potential.

We aim to crate a  strong community of business owners and  entrepreneurs at any level whether you are just thinking about starting your first business or you are an experienced business owners.

Many businesses fail not because of a poor product but because of a poor financial plan. If they can develop the skills to do good long-term budgeting to meet a specific financial goal they have developed one of the most highly regarded skills in the management of a business. We believe that planning is not simple or quick.

Planning is an incremental process - it often takes several weeks to develop a good plan simply because of all the considerations that must be thought through. Then changing circumstances and newer decisions will require you to update your plan on an ongoing basis. But the results can be amazingly beneficial in helping you to understand your financial future, in gaining a better understanding of what you have and how to get what you want, and in developing both self-reliance and self-confidence in the management of your business. If the unknown worries you, planning might also help you to reduce stress.

As MasterMinders we commit to coming together as a group, on a regular basis for a “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.” In a nutshell, we come together to share knowledge with one another, support each other in setting and achieving our goals and to hold one another accountable to what we commit to do for ourselves.

This group welcomes business owners passionate about creating a business around doing what you love and If you are passion about business or an Entrepreneur know-how and inspiration you have come to the right place .

We want to be surrounded with like minded people who will understand and support you all the way through your transformation and share the joy of achievement with you.

 We will be meeting once or two times a month to share business skills, tips with new approaches to learning experiences and our stories to make business work for you .We will try to meet first week of the month to set up targets and motive each other then we will meet again in the last week of the month to review our targets.

It’s an informal, relaxed event to discuss some of the issues that small businesses face and to generally expand existing networks .

We strive to inspire each other with positivity and encourage others to succeed, which builds stronger teams. By creating an inspirational group atmosphere we are able to put our best foot forward individually and believe that “ Team work really does make the Dream work “


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