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Building Feasts Supper Clubs

Building Feasts Supper Clubs are run by Hanna Goldsmith and Jeremy Coleman.  Friends - with a mutual love of food, photography, design, art, and basically anything of creative beauty - together host a series of evenings at Hanna's home in Central London.  Feasts for your stomach and eyes, each event will have its own menu theme.  Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.  

Hanna writes the food blog where you can find recipes and anecdotes about family, celebrations, and life with 4 boys.  With previous experience in design and interiors,  Hanna has taken her love of cooking and delight in creating informal gatherings one step further.  As a result, these Supper Clubs will be beautifully relaxed, fun and delicious evenings for all.

Jeremy is an outstanding photographer with an innate talent for visual storytelling.  Parntering with Hanna on Building Feasts, Jeremy is chief photographer and brander, supper club co-chef and co-host, cooking, curating and documenting the story behind the feasts.



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