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Business Empowering Employment Programme - BEEP

BEEP is a charity that was set up in the South West of England following the Rugby World Cup 2015. It provides progammes to continue the legacy of helping young people who are the most disengaged and disenfranchised from the workplace to move forward positively with their lives. 

BEEP is a charity that continues the vital work and repeats the spectacular success of the Rugby Empowering Employment Programme (REEP). Exeter was a host city to the Rugby World Cup 2015 and this was a legacy project designed to make a lasting difference to the lives of some of the most disengaged and disadvantaged young people. REEP was highly successful and changed the life chances of 93% of participants who went on to make positive steps towards work, gained skills and developed more confidence and self esteem. 

“Every Individual Matters” to our economy, communities and the lives of the young people we help. Our mission is to enable disadvantaged and disengaged young people aged 16 - 24 years to identify, understand and achieve their potential and become economically self-sufficient, by:
• building their confidence, self-esteem and resilience
• helping them to identify and set achievable personal goals
• engaging with employers who can offer real job opportunities
• building positive and meaningful relationships with our volunteer mentors

BEEP is a truly collaborative venture with strong core values treating people with respect, care and consideration regardless of their circumstances. Costs are kept low as 'partners' often generously offer in-kind support and our mentors are trained volunteers. The Young People (mentees) who we work with come from a variety of backgrounds but they are all disadvantaged one way or another and very frequently in more ways than one. The challenges they face would sometimes derail the most resilient, able and supported of our young people.

BEEP is not a 'Boot Camp', it is not a cv writing workshop or a typical worklessness programme. Our approach is coach mentoring which allows individuals to feel valued and a comment we often get from participants who have attended many such courses in the past, that this is the first time that this is about "ME". BEEP does not process people it is effective through its humanity and practicality. Our approach is a peer supported 10 day programme which culminates in an inspiring and often emotional presentation to VIP invited guests from the business community who are regularly able to offer future employment opportunities. Success of our programme is further enhanced by our young people being paired by a trained mentor who supports and encourages them on their onward journey. We have a united commitment and passion to help more young people who have been derailed before their mid-twenties.

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