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Bust Rallies | Banger Rally Adventures

Bust Rallies are Europe's ultimate banger rally advenutures

Buy a car for £500 or less and drive to some of Europe’s most exciting locations on spectacular roads with backdrops of sun, mountains, sea, sand…and even snow! Racing is off the cards as teams concentrate on solving daily challenges, both on and off the road, competing for a variety of prizes and regrouping each evening at the Rally Rendezvous to relax, socialise and explore the local area.  Our fun-filled journeys through spectacular settings are open to groups of two or more and provide the ideal setting for a fun weekend, a celebration or fundraising for your favourite charity.  You do not need a reason to take part – just a driving licence, appropriate insurance, a car and some sense of direction (very little in many cases!). A penchant for fancy dress may also be useful.


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