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Calvert 22 Foundation

The mission of the Calvert 22 Foundation is to nurture and celebrate the contemporary culture and creativity of the New East – Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia – enriching perceptions of the region and furthering international understanding.


Calvert 22 Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation committed to dialogue and discovery, to the development of international creative networks, and to the role of learning and education as the basis for knowledge sharing and institutional exchange. 


The Foundation's activities include:


Calvert 22 Space – the London headquarters of the foundation that hosts seasonal programmes, events, talks and screenings for a first-hand experience of the contemporary culture and creativity of the New East.


The Calvert Journal – an online magazine of New East contemporary culture including art, film, architecture, design and avant-garde culture.


The Calvert Forum – a think tank for the New East, focused on research and policy for the creative industries of the region. The Forum also operates as a digital and physical platform for discussion and learning.

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