Cambridge Climate Lecture Series (CCLS)
The Cambridge Climate Lecture Series (CCLS) is an annual event organised by Cambridge residents, including staff and students at Cambridge University. Based on a concept devised by Dr Tony Eva, the aim is to link key thinkers on climate change with as wide an audience as possible. Our intention is that audiences will cross demographics, cultures, prior scientific knowledge and educational attainment.
We aim to do this by inviting world-class speakers on climate change and live-streaming the talks to make them widely available in real time. Everyone has the chance to interact with the speakers using social media, so do please get involved! Climate change affects everyone and we need many voices to help find solutions. Although climate science will feature in some discussions, we will also be inviting non-scientific speakers from a diverse range of social and political backgrounds. We hope this will help bring new angles to tackling climate change.
Sorry, there are no upcoming events