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Cambridge Health Network

CHN promotes collaboration between the public, private and academic sectors by connecting the most prominent healthcare leaders through debate, challenge and exclusive events.

The network’s aim is to:

  • Provide a forum for leading players in health to meet informally.
  • Create a network where ideas can be conceived, developed and nurtured.
  • Offer a confidential, closed forum in which to test new ideas and policies amongst decision-makers and influencers.
  • Create an environment where strong, productive, business connections and relationships are forged.

Since we started, we have organised over 50 outstanding events. From focused discussions to drinks parties and bespoke seminars, our reputation thrives on our ability to convene groups of senior players from our 600 strong membership list, with insightful content and a strong programme that can’t be found elsewhere.

We attract the highest calibre of speakers to our events, from government policy makers, key players in the Department of Health, NHS trust and commissioning unit CEOs, global company directors to founders of SMEs – all of whom are making a big impact on the healthcare landscape.

Our network is able to thrive due to the continued involvement of our supporters.



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