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Canons Park Teaching School Alliance

Canons Park TSA has the philosophy that a self-improving school system should be done from the inside-out, that what happens in the classroom should be at the core of what we do and that leadership of such a system should be as distributed as widely as possible.

It is rooted in the view that a ‘hub’ model of working, in which all partners contribute as equals and in which a lead school functions solely to provide the conditions for this, is infinitely preferable to an ‘apex’ model, in which a high-performing lead school is seen as the ‘first among equals’.

Our conference is committed to the notion that a self-improving system is built upon the learning from the strengths of its component parts – their surpluses and not their deficits – at an individual, team and wider network level, and that the whole should be agile and responsive to these parts.

Finally, we are strongly of the belief that a research-rich, inquiry-oriented approach to system leadership, as opposed to a problem-solving approach, will provide the optimum conditions for ‘doing it well, doing it right and ensuring it lasts’.

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