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Capture Great Photos

Capture Great Photos are Sociable, Fun, and creative workshops and challenges that help you see the world in new and exciting ways through photography.

The workshops are run by Photographer,Award winning artist and experienced educator Jamie House BA (Hons) PGCE . Join an engaged community, share your work, get feedback, and attend workshops online and in person in a friendly social and fun environment, meet a whole load of new faces that share the same interests as you!


This is a place to help each other,learn, share you work, get feedback and immerse yourself in photography,any abuse or negativity will be treated very seriusly  on and off this page regarding Capture Great Photos will not be tolerated and be reported to Eventbrite and Facebook immediately.

**Please read below before proceeding and commenting on posts**


Please note all images for my workshops the photographer is credited and used with permission.

I use models for some of my workshops and I have not always photographed them so in this instance the photographer and model will be appropriately credited and the rights to use and share the images to advertise my workshop will be obtained from the photographer and model.

All images that are used to promote my workshops are royalty and copyright free and are free to use for commercial and educational purposes so please think before commenting.

If you want to see images that previous workshop attendees have produced please click on Photos on my Facebook page here: to get a glimpse of behind the scenes on one of our fun and exciting workshops.

All images shown are what can be achieved through practice and time using the techniques and creative approaches outlined in my workshops and digital guides, I cannot promise you will achieve these results after one workshop.

I will work with you after the workshop and give you a lifetime of support and advice to enable you to reach the desired level you want to achieve in your Photography.

Photography is a equal marriage of art and science,I will teach you both the technical and creative approaches necessary to produce a strong body of work in photography.I have exhibited my work worldwide and been published in magazines such as the new scientists,the guardian,the daily telegraph,hotshoe and have delivered talks across Europe in places like the photographers gallery London.

Any further questions regarding content and copyright please ask and your message will be passed on to my content manager.

Thank you

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