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Carole Bromley is a Psychic Medium who has grown up over more than 2 decades talking to 'dead' people. She has had this special and unique ability since the age of 6. For most of her life she has worked with heaven and the spirit world helping people with the healing process following the loss of a loved one.  

On New Year's Eve 1970 a voice whispered to Carole ... 'Say goodbye to your sister, she's not coming back'. This voice repeated 'Say goodbye to your sister, you won't see her again'. Carole's sister and fiance were celebrating their engagement on this fateful night. They didn't come back following a fatal car crash which took both lives. Carole never saw her sister in her physcial body again, only the spirit body.  

Her sister, Christine, works with Carole beyond the grave. Encouraging, enlightening and empowering Carole to help discarnate souls connect to their loved ones with as much accuracy and evidence as possible. This is Carole's work, her life, her passion. Carole wants to reach out to more people to connect the heart, spirit and soul with love on both sides of heaven and earth.

Carole also spent 15 years working at Brunel University, working amongst many people whose interest was an 'afterlife'. She worked amongst those in the academic community, and without any degrees or qualifications achieved a top role in working for the European Commission on research funded projects. She also gave colleagues guidance and evidence of past, present and future events. She is, and has been the 'Psychic Medium to go to'!

Carole has a wicked sense of sense of humour, a self-depreciating style and an empathy with her audiences that adds a light touch to her demonstrations, and this set her apart.

She hopes you will join her and fill heaven and earth, people and spirit souls with the same love they send back to us.

Carole has published a book: 'The Living Spirit, One Woman's Battle Amongst Ghosts, Spirits & The Living' available on

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