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CASPA Children on The Autistic Spectrum Parents Association

Children and young people with ASDs have a ‘hidden’ disability in that they may look like any other child of their age, but the defining features of Autism include a lack of social awareness, communication skills and social imagination. These characteristics are life long and pervasive which means they effect every area of a person's life.  Our children with Autism and social and communication difficulties are often disabled by the fact that mainstream society lacks the proper understanding of their needs or strengths.  At CASPA, we believe that with appropriate intervention and sensitive support social skills can be taught and developed, neurodiversity should be celebrated and mainstream society can be educated to ensure proper integration of all those who have different ways of thinking, processing and viewing the world.


Many children and young people with high functioning autism suffer from bullying and isolation; many cannot cope with the social demands placed upon them in school or ‘mainstream’ social circles. These things can lead to the children & young people experiencing sadness, anger, depression, confusion and frustration; which in turn can lead to challenging behaviour, self-harm and/or reclusiveness (we hear many parents say that their child just ‘refuses to come out of their room’).  We KNOW that our children with ASDs can thrive, achieve and contribute just as much as any other child - and CASPA provides just the sort of support and inspiration that can help this to happen.

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