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Cécile Della Torre from Cook and Speak

Cécile is a passionate cook from Corsica who has taught adults, teens, and children, from all kinds of nationalities, backgrounds, and culinary tastes. Since moving to London in 2017, she has explored veganism and successfully completed the Plant One course at Plant Academy. She teaches and volunteers at Made in Hackney, the plant-based community cookery school which helps Londoners to eat healthy, affordable food that’s good for their health and the planet. She also volunteers regularly in the kitchen at Refettorio Felix at St. Cuthbert's Centre, the home that provides a living room and dining room for the vulnerable people in her community.

With Cook and Speak, she wants to teach people how to cook with joy beautiful and delicious dishes. She also wants to inspire them to use the power of their fork to create a better world.

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