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Central YMCA

Here's a little about what we do and what we believe in.


YMCA is a global movement – you’ve probably heard of it. It all started almost 200 years ago with us – Central YMCA. Today, YMCA isn’t just one charity – there are many different YMCAs all around the world doing different things. Central YMCA was the world’s very first one and today we work independently as a leading UK health, education and wellbeing charity. Our values and principles, however, remain the same.


We’re all about mind, body and spirit and we believe in helping people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. To achieve this, we work hard to give people access to life-changing opportunities through our four operations. 


Almost 200 years since YMCA was founded we’re still on the lookout for practical solutions to social problems – often using our extensive contacts, skills and knowledge of the fitness industry as the catalyst. It’s what makes us different.


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