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In a world beset with political, economic and social uncertainty it is vitally important to have people in positions of leadership capable of charting and steering a sound course. Whilst individuals might possess excellent academic, professional and vocational qualifications, when it comes to leadership they often feel ill equipped for some of the challenges they are likely to face. The Centre for Innovative Leadership Navigation (CILN) recognizes that a 'knowledge deficit' exists and as such this puts individuals, companies, institutions and occasionally governments at risk. By seeking to address the issues people in leadership roles face CILN endeavours to provide the map and compass so to speak which when used correctly can prove not only useful, but invaluable. One of CILN’s particular concerns is cyber security, a challenge that is set to grow exponentially in the coming years. As an organisation we are committed to raising awareness of key issues, as well as endeavouring to encourage greater foresight and forward planning.

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