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Centre for Spirituality & Cultural Advancement (CSCA)

The Centre for Spirituality & Cultural Advancement (CSCA) is an educational and community cohesion based charity. The CSCA promotes a holistic approach to spirituality which embraces all faiths as different paths on the road to spiritual awareness. A key ingredient of this is to establish interfaith links to build a shared respect and mutual understanding between diverse faith groups.

The Sufi tradition believes in the holistic approach to the human experience where mind, body and soul should be balanced in order to achieve societal harmony and moral excellence. By contemplating and embracing such spirituality and the moral and ethical code which underpins it, practitioners themselves benefit, as well as those they interact with and society at large.

Our Way consists in keeping awareness of the presence of God, on the way to self-effacement and complete experience of the Divine Presence. It is the way of complete reflection of the highest degrees of perfected character and it is the way of sanctifying the self by means of struggle against the lower traits of our baser natures.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani is the spiritual guide of the Centre for Spirituality and Cultural Advancement. His global work is to spread the Sufi teachings of the brotherhood of mankind and the Unity of belief in God that is present in all religions and spiritual paths. His efforts are directed at bringing the diverse spectrum of religions and spiritual paths into harmony and concord, in recognition of mankind’s responsibility as caretaker of this fragile planet and of one another.

CSCA was established by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani and was launched in the UK on 4th February 2010 in the presence of His Royal Highness, Prince Charles; The Prince of Wales.

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