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Children and Young People's Team, Healthy London Partnership

Transformation of health services for children and young people in London is urgently needed. Children and young people in London suffer from poorer health outcomes, than elsewhere in the country, across a number of areas from higher levels of mortality and serious illness, poorer mental health, variability in outcomes from common diseases such as asthma, and significant public health issues such as obesity. London has world leading centres of excellence for tertiary paediatric care and some excellent examples of primary and secondary care but there are big differences in quality.


Our vision


Our vision is of an integrated system for the health and care that promotes health and can be easily navigated by children and young people, their families and the health professionals delivering their care to achieve the best outcomes for these patients. Care will be provided in high quality facilities local to families, with mental health needs treated with the same importance as physical health needs. All inpatient care will be provided in centres of excellence able to provide the highest quality, consultant delivered care, seven days a week.


Our key focus areas


  1. Developing population-based networks to promote health and co-ordinate care
  2. Reduce variation in quality of services
  3. Integrating care across public health and primary and secondary healthcare services
  4. Develop commissioning of children and young people services to enable the effective commissioning of pathways of care
  5. Develop innovative access models of care


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