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Chinese Community Gateway

The Chinese Community Gateway is a charity. Our aims are to:

I. Unite and strengthen the Chinese community
Our first pillar is to unite and strengthen the Chinese community in the UK. We will achieve this by running fun, inclusive events aimed at all people, regardless of age, marital status, and gender. For example, we'll have social, cultural, and educational events such as month end drinks, hikes, outdoor activities and arts & crafts and seminars

II. Raise funds for worthwhile causes
Where profits are made from events, these will be donated to worthwhile causes and/ or for programs we will start in the longer term (see pillar III). In the short term (from our founding year), we will donate 75% of that year's profits to a number of charities via a transparent nomination and voting process, decided on by our members. In the longer term we intend to run our own programs

III. Promote Chinese arts and culture
Once we have achieved a level of financial stability, we will engage with upcoming Chinese artists, musicians, authors and film directors to highlight and showcase their work. This is currently envisaged to be in the form of film and arts festivals, and exhibitions


Throughout 2015, 75% of the CCG's profits will be donated to charity with the remaining 25% to be retained purely as working capital such as for paying for deposits to secure venues.

Of the 75%, 50% will be donated to International Chinese Concern ( and the other 25% to the Chinese Mental Health Association (

In 2014, we donated just under £2,500 to London Chinese Community Centre and the Chinese Mental Health Association

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