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Chris Paradox: The Inspiration Engineer


"I attended a workshop led by Chris Paradox expecting to be entertained and leave having spent a pleasant few hours with some nice folk and one of my favourite performance poets. I was mistaken. What I experienced on that day has proved to be one of the most profound, intimate, challenging and transformational experiences I have had.

Chris leads by example and his openness and love for life is infectious.... I felt safe at every stage to step into a new way of interpreting my story and drawing from it strengths and positives whilst being in touch with pain and sadness at the same time. He skilfully mixes practical exercises with broad and well-researched theory and all the time his unshakeable enthusiasm for people and his steadfast belief that we are all living a legendary life gave me complete confidence to embrace everything we were asked to do.

The culmination was to have my story witnessed and to witness the stories of the other participants.... it is something I will always treasure, the honesty and simplicity of that process.

I cannot recommend highly enough, if you get the chance, do some work with Chris Paradox. I wasn't healed or enlightened or ascended but definitely empowered, given some tangible tools to reframe tough times and use them as fuel for expansion and positive steps forward in my life."

Mark Fisher - Teacher & Musician

"Chris is a shining light, an amazing talent to be seen and experienced."

Deri Llewellyn-Davies - CEO and Founder of Business Growth International

"I have known Chris some ten years or more, and am still inspired by him every time I meet him or see him perform! If you meet him as Headmaster of Hero School, I'd recommend enrolling in any course or mode of self empowerment he is offering you...I look forward to working with him again and again and again!"

Gareth Strangemore-Jones - Founder & Group Editor Worldshift Media

"Chris Paradox is most definitely a living legend. With the presence of a warrior and the elegance of a jester king, he uses his sharpest of wits to slice through the veils separating humans, even spiritual ones, from the peace and joy that is our true nature. In courageous dedication to living his deeper purpose he helps those lucky enough to hear him listen a little more closely to the whisperings of their own soul."

Tallie Maughan -Social Entrepreneur Founder of Turning Earth Ceramics Members' Studio

"Chris has overcome enormous personal trauma in his life and puts his enormous creative abilities to use inspiring and helping us all to evolve. Chris is dedicated to improving his and our higher qualities, our enjoyment of life and connection to Spirit. A fun and friendly agent of personal growth. Good value ! All ages! He hasn't paid me to say this either!"

Mike Shreeve - Musician & Tai-chi teacher

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