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Christine Blackledge - Business Training & Consultancy Services for Care Providers

After spending over twenty years without the support of a mentor, and with no-one else to turn to, I knew I needed help with setting up and running care businesses. This is why I created Care Business Coaching & Mentoring Systems so you would not have to undergo the same experience. I would like to see everyone living their highest vision, more time with family, loved ones and friends.


My life purpose is to empower individuals to start a nursing agency. I want to help people nationally and internationally to believe in themselves and become an entrepreneur. This is done via very affordable training programs, saving SMEs thousands of pounds on otherwise time-wasting strategies. We empower people through my live training courses, home study courses, books, one-to-one coaching, DVDs, training workshops, introductions, 1-day events, online courses, a training app and tele-seminars.


Christine Blackledge  holds regular FREE 1- 2 day workshops in which we give an overview of what you will need to start your own care business. We also offer a 4 day bootcamp during which we will guide you as you set up your own care business and start working. Alternatively, you can order a CD box set which will teach you everything you need to know about running a care business.