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City Slickers Parties

City Slickers Parties is a movement for the pursuit of female pleasure, providing a safe sexual environment for women to explore their fantasies and desires.

Every month we provide opportunities for like minded people to fulfill their wildest and most erotic fantasies, like Partouse, Eyes Wide Shut, Naked Concert, Mile High Club… an out-of-this-world experience where you’re totally removed from your comfort zone.

The ratio of our monthly parties vary from 'Female & Couples Only' to Selected Knights Allowed (max 1 Knight every 2 Couples) however single guys need to be Knighted by a Female Member who can vouch for them as Gentlemen in the Lounge and Studs in the Bedroom when invited... for women are always in charge as this is the key for spicing things up, they can get more confidence and can happily dance around in their underwear without being jumped on.

Ladies in our community are tempted rather than pressured into enjoying themselves! The clientèle is high-end, good-looking City-boy types; at the core of our success is our stringent membership screening process 'by committee'.

We now organise Sexcursions in Gran Canaria for Couples Only open to everyone!

The atmosphere is always friendly, relaxed and welcoming, but also extremely sexy and sensual. First time swingers are always made particularly welcome and there is absolutely no pressure for anyone to join in if they don’t yet feel ready. Most people wake up in the morning wondering if it was a dream.

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