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 CityYogiUK is a non-profit initiative providing free yoga classes to workers or residents of the City of London and its surroundings. We believe CityYogiUK bridges the gap of local councils and NHS Step-down services, supporting vulnerable residents or workers to recover from mental and physical ailments or for those in financial difficulty to maintain their wellness.



For our teachers it’s fulfilling to see the progress of students as the free format allows one to commit to their wellbeing without worrying about cost. A commitment which has disappeared from studios where students now come and go depending on their cashflow.

In 2018 our Islignton classes are back in February, after Christmas holiday break.




Paola is the founder of CityYogiUK, her public classes start with a fun warm-up, opening and closing with a chant or singing bowl. Themes are based on the 7 Stages of Enlightnment (Patanjali's Sutras by Iyengar). This approach is reflective of her Kundalini background.regularly teaches guided dynamic meditation and Tapasya Hot Yoga (an open level aligment-focus approach).


Growing up in Brazil, where she started her journey as a ballerina, and having lived in California brings an international vibration and authenticity into her classes. During spring and summer she promotes her free meditation and yoga in London parks.


Sometimes it rains. is a non-profit initiative because sharing is the greatest gift.


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