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I can confidently say I have nearly 30 years of corporate experience in a range of businesses offering different services and products. I am a pretty savvy and confident business woman who is always adding value to her clients. My parents have run three businesses of their own over the years so dinner table chats were often centered around life as a business owner. We also used to help out in the shop during the school holidays. I have invested heavily in me and my business by joining a professional membership group on Facebook which is full of amazing entrepreneurs, I read relevant and inspirational business books; a current favourite (reading for the second time!) is, “She Means Business” by Carrie Green – have you read it? I sign up for relevant webinars, online training to improve my skills and for my client’s benefit. I attend events which are so powerful when you get in a room with like-minded business owners. This is because I’m passionate about working on me for my clients and my own business growth and to build a life I choose on my terms. On my own journey over the last two years, it has been highlighted that my own zone of genius is “inspiring, motivating and supporting” other business owners and entrepreneurs. Within my professional networking groups, I received incredible feedback about my positivity, drive, passion, focus and most of all the inspiring support I give. I share my experiences, skills, and tips and some might say “words of wisdom” to empower others to believe in themselves, connect them with other women, offer collaboration opportunities and inspire success.

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