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Compliment Me London


We are an innovative fashion and lifestyle brand hosting a collection of desirable, sophisticated and transitional garments attractive for any occasion. 


D E S I G N E D  I N  LO N D O N   |  P R O D U C E D  W O R L D W I D E  

Our dresses are vibrant, multi-coloured, knee length or ankle length dresses. A large portion of our dresses are embellished with an array of coloured sequins, dimonets, semi precious stones and crystals, so that you can become an expression of elegance, sophistication and class


C E L E B R I T Y   I N S P I R E D   C H I C:  

Some of the finest inspirational designers from across the world make up our design team who contribute in producing outstanding dress designs that emulate our desire to deliver elegance. Our aim is to deliver wearable pieces of art suitable for individuals with a flare for individuality.


O U R   P R O D U C T S    A N D    S E R V I C E S: 

Compliment Me offer a range of products and services to help develop self-confidence and raise self-esteem in women. so that they can freely express their own personality and style through the use of fashion.


W E   L O V E  T O   G I V E: 

With every dress sold, we give 5% to Charity.


O U R   A N N U A L   A W A R D S

The 'Compliment Me Awards' is our way of saying 'Thank You'. The Awards are presented to both women and men from all walks of life that have made positive contributions to the lives of others within their communities and afar. This award ceremony enables us to showcase the accomplishments of these very special man and woman. 


T H E   C O M P L I M E N T    M E   A N N U A L   E V E N T   A N D    F U N D R A I S E R: 

Since 2012 we have made it our duty to showcare, inspire and award both men and women in a huge celebration of life. This special occasion is a evening filled with compliments, includes an evening meal, dynamic fashion show, followed by a glorious mixture of fun and entertainment are plenty. A celebration of life, is a wonderful event for anyone in search of an all inclusive, networking, uplifting and inspirational experience. At this event, you will have the opportunity to see our collection of stunning dress in addition to meeting extraordinary individuals who have achieved extra ordinary things.  The event will also host our Compliment Me Award ceremony. 


 S H O P P I N G     O N L I N E    W I T H    

C O M P L I M E N T    M E      #CMEONLINE 

Our online site will soon be available to view so hang in there, you won't be disappointed. When shopping at Compliment Me, we ask that you to take advantage of our blog, campaigns, forum, and of course the tools we have put in place to acknowledge and compliment some extraordinary individuals. We aim to support every kind of woman. From the slightly confident woman, secretly wanting to make an impression, to the working woman wanting to showcase her hard earned success, that is not afraid to look fabulous. When you purchase one of our products or services you will receive a reminder of how appreciated you are. Our products carry a warm message to all of our customers.  After all we want to be the first ones to give you that compliment you rightfully derseve.


Chanel Elidianna Edward 

CEO and founder

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