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Cornish Language Office

An yeth Kernewek yw yn studh kreffa ages dell o yn termyn hir, mes kepar ha pub yeth vyghan, yma edhom a dowlenn dh'y gwitha, skodyha ha displegya.  Konsel Kernow a led towlen an yeth Kernewek hag yw gwrys a beder rann: Status, Devynydh, Ynkerth ha Corpus. Amkan an dowlen yw dhe ynkressya niver a Gernewegoryon ha gul moy a spassow rag gul devnydh Kernewek.


The Cornish language is in a stronger state than it has been for a long time, but just like all small languages, there is a need for a programme to protect, support and develop the language.  Cornwall Council leads the Cornish language programme which is made up of four main parts: Status, Use, Acquisition and Corpus. The aim of the programme is to increase the number of Cornish speakers and create more opportunities to use Cornish.

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