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Create With Words

Create With Words is an emerging blogging network that encourages bloggers to create a sense of community among like-minded individuals.

We aim to bring the different blogging sectors together, bloggers, photographer, web designers, advertisers, sponsors....

Date:19th March

Time Frame : 12pm-2pm

Speakers: TBC


Goal: To encourage people to write, and improve their writing and see their blog as a brand.  See blogging as more than a hobby but build a career like other successful bloggers. 

Organisational Profile

Who are we?

We are an emerging community of bloggers; that seek to network with each other, under the umbrella of Christianity. We host networking events for bloggers, photographers, web designers and other creative entrepreneurs.

What do we do?

 We organise workshops that focus 

  • Branding and Styling
  • SEO and digital advertising 
  • Community pool
  • Create Visual Identities 
  • Web Design
  • Anatomy of Blogs
  • Connect freelancers with advertisers 

What is our Mission?

  • We aim to explore the creative power of our words and inspire others to become better at what they do.
  • Help people turn their passions into blogs 
  • To encourage bloggers to continue writing and improve what they write
  • Social media 
  • Help  existing bloggers rebrand their blogs and aspiring bloggers to  build their brands

Where do we operate? 

-We work , Create with words  Aldgate Tower, Aldgate East.

  Event Details: Workshop

 What to expect?

  • This event is about exploring blogging from a Christian, and business perspective, while applying Christian principles.
  • Introducing Create with words 
  • Networking for bloggers, and web designers
  • Commitment to working with you for the next year to improve your blog, if you are keen on improving your blog, then be ready to work for it, we will be working smart, not hard. 


Admission Details:

Admission is free when you have a pre-registered ticket. (nb. If you show up without your pre- registered ticket, there will be a fee of £5 cash payable at the door.)


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