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CREATIFF was launched by Alison Harper and Glyn Farrow, who bring with them an eclectic mix of minds and experience to deliver a new networking club designed to cross boundaries old and new. Some barriers are invisible but CREATIFF will help you identify those hidden obstacles and turn them into nuggets of opportunity.


In previous incarnations both Alison and Glyn have worked in industry, the arts, youth work and the voluntary or ‘third’ sector. Their experience has shown that no matter what the job is, no matter what the industry is and no matter what the cause is there are always real benefits to be gained by extending networks and forging mutually beneficial working relationships bridging different industries, different skills and different causes.


CREATIFF has been designed to help you bridge the gaps that are stumbling blocks on the path to success but also to help you discover different avenues and byways to travel down and explore, allowing you the chance to collaborate, create and innovate. Face to face networking is a proven way to increase your customer base, make new contacts and much more.


What makes CREATIFF different? Alison & Glyn both believe that engaging with young people and fresh minds is a vital component to generating a truly creative arena. Young people have ideas, feelings and strengths which are sometimes hard to identify, especially as these people may not realise their own strengths and capabilities. They might not have even heard of some of the disciplines we embrace, they might not have the confidence to ask questions or to put themselves forward.


We believe that by bringing young people, from a wide range of backgrounds, to the table, we will be giving them an opportunity to discover their latent talents and skills for the benefit of all of us. Part of the working ethic of CREATIFF is to provide a real lens through which young people can explore careers and industries and vice versa.


It is important to invest in young people, not just by offering them further education, apprenticeships etc but by giving them access to the widest possible view of different worlds of work.


It is for this reason that CREATIFF is proud to be a supporter of the Archway Project and we will be inviting our members to support Archway by visiting the project and helping some of the brilliant young people who use it’s services. Please do look at their website and see the wonderful work that Archway does and think about the numbers of young people across the country who might have hidden talents from which we can all benefit.


We are building another network. A network of youth organisations enmeshed with our industry partners to open windows of opportunity allowing us to invest in young people. As with all good investments there will be a positive return by way of increased talent, increased growth, robust and sustainable business for the benefit of all.

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