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We’re a mission-led digital consultancy providing technical expertise and digital marketing training.


Our mission is to empower all businesses to take control of their growth. Avoiding jargon and 'technical speak' we will give you the tools and knowledge to help you understand, define and evolve your business straight away. Invest in training that’s passionate, punchy and practical, learning the skills and building the strategy you need to start pushing your business to new levels.


Breaking down the mysteries of marketing in the digital age into clear, digestible, usable chunks of knowledge.” - Elizabeth Ashford


Meet the trainers


We all know that a great training session doesn’t just come down to having killer content with actionable takeaways. It’s all about the people delivering the goods.


We’re a compassionate team who are all about pumping the room with energy and making sure that everyone leaves feeling ready to take on their mission.

“I've learned soooooo much from the Creative Bloom gurus, and had loads of fun along the way. Couldn't recommend them more highly!”


Stu Davies: Stu’s the co-founder of Creative Bloom who specialises in SEO and data. He’s also referred to as the ‘SEO Ninja’ but our clients and workshop participants. Before Bloom, his roles included Digital Marketer, Finance Manager, Commercial Lead and Project Manager on a wide range of product and service related projects across the world.


Jimmy Dorrell: Jimmy’s the other co-founder of Creative Bloom, who’s well-remembered for his bouncing energy and distinctive ability to hold a mirror up to businesses and show them what’s really going on with their product development, creative marketing and branding. He’s worked with hundreds of business owners and project managers over the years to help them grow their revenue and get their mojo back.


Ollie Sloan: Ollie is Creative Bloom’s PPC specialist, giving our clients the confidence to invest in online advertisement and get excited about the return. His infectious charisma, coupled with the ability to explain things in the simplest and most effective way, makes everyone’s ‘ah-ha’ moment all the more excitable in our workshops and board rooms.


“The Creative Bloom workshops have been great - engaging, informative and armed us with top ideas to take our digital marketing strategy forward. Day 1 with Jimmy and Caitlin; Day 2 with Stu and Ollie were both equally fantastic and they were brilliant at assisting with any queries and questions we all had.” - Fareshare Sussex




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