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Creative Fuse North East

Creative Fuse North East will unlock the potential of creative, digital and IT industry collaborations driving innovation and growing the region's economy.


Delivered through a unique partnership between the North East’s five universities, specialist academics and staff will work with industry, cultural organisations, charities and the public sector, to explore how creative, digital and IT firms complement and add value to each other, sharing best practice and encouraging the adoption of new innovative working practices.


This will ensure the Creative, Digital and IT (CDIT) sector becomes more resilient and grow faster – creating more and better jobs for the region.


As the CDIT sector is recognised as one that will have a transformative impact on the region’s broader economy and employment base.


Creative Fuse North East brings together for the first time the specialist expertise from the region's five universities to support the vibrant, dynamic and fast-growing CDIT sector.


If you work in the CDIT sector, whether you are one of the many thousands of creative freelancers, maybe you work in a fast paced and high growth digital SME or you are one of the growing army of technically savvy staff working for major IT corporates in the region, we want you to get involved.