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Creative Stays is a not for profit certified social enterprise and a member of the national trade body, Social Enterprise UK.


We provide creative classes, workshops and retreats whether you want to create just for fun or to support your wellbeing.


We aim to create laughter, happiness, healing, wellness, inspiration and harmony.


We encourage self awareness and change by showing how recreational art can help to replenish your wellbeing.


 Why Create?


Creative activity can support and maintain well-being and good mental health.


By regularly giving yourself the opportunity to be creative you can renergise and boost your motivation, tune in to your intuition and gain clarity, vision and purpose.


Through therapeutic and recreational art and reflection you can reconnect with your unconscious and undertake a journey of self discovery and self empowerment.


Experience tranquility, peace and a renewed sense of calm through art as therapy.


Connect and engage with likeminded people in a safe and supportive community environment exploring your creativity together and learning and sharing new skills.


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