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About Creative Thinking Torbay

Creative Thinking Torbay (C.T.T.) are a group of idea driven Torbay people that meet once a month to think creatively with a guest not-for-profit organisation. The hope is the ideas from that session will help inspire and make a difference to the guest organisation.


Most CTT members are past students of Peter Redstone’s inspiring ‘Creative Thinking Workshops’, where they learnt practical creative thinking tools to solve problems and generate new ideas. However, the group is open to anyone that would like to practice their problem solving techniques.

It is free to join and each meeting costs just £5.

What members can excpect

A fun, friendly and interesting evening with the opportunity to challenge your thinking skills and refresh your brainstorming techniques; all the while doing something good for a Torbay organisation.

 Guest Organisations

The guest organisations are normally referred to the group by members. Although, any not-for-profit organisation that operates in Torbay is welcome to request a meeting. Email The guest organisations C.T.T. have met with so far include:-

  • Play Torbay
  • Home-Start Torbay
  • Talk Torbay
  • South Devon School of Gymnastics
  • Headway Devon
  • WEESortIT

All sensitive information shared is of course treated with confidence.

Typical Format of the Meeting

17:45   Arrive, Tea & Coffee.

18:00   Welcome and general introductions.

18:05  C.T.T. Facilitator sets the scene for the evening and briefs everyone on the creative thinking tool that will be used that evening. 

18:10   Guest Organisation tells C.T.T. Group about themselves, highlighting the main challenges they are facing.

18:20   Group get to ask questions of the Guest Organisation to ensure understanding.

18:30  3 key points that require some creative thinking are identified.

18:35   C.T.T. Group get to work, in sub groups if required. Guest Organisation observes and is available to answer questions, but not to interrupt the creative thinking process.

19:30   Break for food.

19:45   C.T.T. Group continue to develop their ideas.

20:30   C.T.T. Group present to the Guest Organisation.

20:45   Guest Organisation gives feedback and shares how they found the evening.

21:55   C.T.T. Facilitator closes the meeting and Guest Organisation are free to take away all copies of flipcharts / notes etc.

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