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Daisy Schubert

Daisy Schubert is a Qualified Personal Stylist who helps female public speakers to build an authentic wardrobe for their speaking career. She believes that clothes send their own signals to the audience which can either enhance and support or distract and contradict your message.
Having struggled with her own style identity for many years, Daisy can relate to anyone who feels stuck and unsure what to wear each morning. Since learning the tools of the trade and discovering the keys to making a good first impression in 2015, she enthusiastically supports female enterpreneurs to rely on solid strategies when choosing an outfit for their next speaking gig.
Do you struggle to pick an outfit for your speaking gig? Would you like some practical advice on how to create an authentic speaking wardrobe? Find out how Daisy can help you to find style solutions for your next speaking gig. Schedule a free 20min discovery call now!

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