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Daniel Ireland

I have dedicated this later part of my life to better understanding the reasons why I suffered from anxiety and depression for so long, without my body and mind naturally healing itself like it does for every other injury or illness that I sustained.

Realisation that these illnesses were merely a pointer, that they were a guide of my own personal self discovery. I had hidden behind the bullshit that had been shovelled to me by life, the society we live in, some regrettable life choices, and this was what was causing my anxiety & depression. The juggling act we call life. The lies I continued to tell myself. . . That I was alone in this battle, that no one else was like me, that all I was doing was hurting people, that what the media, and advertising was telling me was truth… That I am not enough, that I need more things to make me happy… 

Realisation of this ‘I/ME’ that we all hide behind was this bullshit talking directly into my thoughts… This ‘I’ was keeping me separate, locked in the belief that if I worked hard and smiled to hide the pain, that it all eventually goes away.

What unearthed on this journey was that self love, compassion and acceptance is the most important thing to us all. It is what we need to practice to truly help others. 

We have just got a little confused, a little lost, a little side tracked. It was time to wake up

Before I started teaching I wanted to ensure I had the necessary qualifications to be a meditation teacher, so I went and studied with the British School of Meditation. They are the only recognised body in the UK for meditation teachers. After several months of testing I received their highest accolade, a Distinction in their Diploma on Meditation & Mindfulness Teaching (attached below).
I have also completed the Hinayana Exam with Dharma Ocean, part of the Kagyu Lineage, first brought to the west by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Dharma Ocean is where I have undertook refuge. My name is 'Dharma Sky Dancer'.

I started applying mindfulness meditation
techniques and it has changed my life. Find out how it can help change yours.


My current studies include:


Sutrayana - Mahayana - intensive - Reggie Ray & Dharma Ocean


The Power of Awareness - Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach


Human Givens - Diploma


CBT - Diploma​​​

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