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David has over 25 years martial arts experience with The Bushido Academy of Martial Artists, specialising in Aikido, Iaido (Sword), Karate, self defence and oriental weapons and has a 4th dan black belt.  He founded the Bushido- Cambridge centre in 1996 (

Martial Arts focuses on the link between mind, body and energy (the three corner- stones to David's work). David believes that by embodying principles from Aikido, it is possible to bring balance and harmony to the mind, giving you greater energy, presence and resilience to act from choice in many of life's situations.   For many years David has studied Zen philosophy and psychology as part of his on- going fascination and deepening experience with the connection between mind, body and energy.

David's original career path was in Biochemistry and Neuroscience at Cambridge, which he gave up in favour of a more practical approach towards the body, mind and energy connection.

David is also a qualified life coach, having trained with CTI (Coach Training Institute), strengthening his understanding and experience of the link between energy, body and mind and how to support people in reaching their full potential through empowerment, embodiment and living true to personal principles and values.  David founded Potentiality Coaching ( so that he could support more people beyond the sphere of martial arts to reach their personal and professional goals.  As part of his continued commitment to spreading the benefits of connecting mind, body and energy, David has co- authored Nourish the Flame Within- an experiental guide to connecting to the human soul for reiki, martial arts and life (

David's work centres around the connection between mind, body and energy.  Only by fully integrating these three can we hope to live a fulfilling life towards our fullest potential.  Aikido is a route to unlocking that connection.

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