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David O'Halloran

"A very good course. Very relevant information, clearly explained and well delivered - good use of humour and genuine attempts to answer all questions as fully and clearly as possible, even if they were slightly off topic. A very enjoyable day. "

Andy Wilson, Research Engagement Manager, Cancer Research UK


Kind of sums up what I am about! I am more interested in you learning something from the session, than me telling you how much I know about cancer.

With over 25 years teaching experience, a background in education and cancer, I can promise you that, whatever your background, you will gain something from attending my sessions.

Safe, enjoyable, stimulating and fun, whilst at the same time, comprehensive, challenging, thought-provoking and relevant to your role.

Guaranteed to make the best use of your valuable time, I will make sure you learn about cancer, cancer treatment and lots of cancer terminology.

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