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The Down and Dromore Youth, Children & Families Department works to resource, equip and enable ministry across parishes with children, young people, leaders and families.


We do this through programmes, training, materials provision and parish visits, when we can give advice that suits the context. Our goal is to see growth take place where it matters – in our local churches of all sizes and in all settings.

DDYC also runs events at a diocesan level, bringing young people together from across the diocese and giving young leaders an opportunity to serve.

The team, which is headed by our Diocesan Development Officer, Andrew Brannigan, includes a Youth Development Officer (Tim Burns) and a Children’s Development Officer (Julie Currie), as well as a fantastic group of volunteers. 

We are currently implementing a strategy for ‘Community Led Children’s Youth and Families Ministry’ to strengthen and grow parish–based children’s and youth ministry.



Down and Dromore Youth & Children’s Department, c/o Tim Burns or Julie Currie, 028 9082 8855,

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